Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting File Name Meeting Date Download
PTA Meeting February 2016 Meeting Minutes 08/02/16
PTA Meeting January 2016 Meeting Minutes 11/01/16
PTA Meeting November 2015 Meeting Minutes 16/11/15
PTA AGM October 2015 AGM Minutes 12/10/15
PTA AGM October 2015 Meeting minutes 12/10/15
PTA Meeting September 2015 Meeting Minutes 14/09/15
PTA Meeting July 2015 Meeting Minutes 13/07/15
PTA Meeting June 2015 Meeting Minutes 08/06/15
PTA Meeting March 2015 Meeting Minutes 18/03/15
PTA Meeting January 2015 Meeting Minutes 14/01/15
PTA Meeting December 2014 Meeting Minutes 08/12/14
PTA AGM October 2014 AGM Minutes 13/10/14
PTA AGM October 2014 Meeting Minutes 13/10/14
PTA Meeting September 2014 Meeting Minutes 22/09/14
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    Kris Dyer

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    Michael Cutting

  • Elizabeth Wild

    Elizabeth Wild

  • Mandeep Singh

    Mandeep Singh

  • Vicki Conway

    Vicki Conway

  • Elizabeth  Cutting

    Elizabeth Cutting

    Fireworks lead

  • Lynne Ellner

    Lynne Ellner

    Party in the Park lead

  • Annie Hunt

    Annie Hunt

    Fireworks lead

  • Liz Stacey

    Liz Stacey

  • jemma welch

    jemma welch

    Procurement and Fireworks Cash Office

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